We continuously see videos, pictures, and stuff on the internet going viral, but have you ever wondered what exactly makes something go viral? According to the article A Scientific Take on Viral Marketing, there are three factors that make content go viral.

  1.  It was positive, dwelling on positive issues or topics.
  2. It evoked a strong emotional reaction (joy, fear, anger).
  3. It was practically useful.

Being in communications has definitely  helped in my understanding of virality. I knew what it meant before, but it has really made me take a step back and see what all makes certain pieces of information on the internet go viral.

An understanding of virality is crucial for everyone in Communications. Knowing exactly what it takes to make content go viral can be helpful when trying to grab the audiences attention and making sure what you say leaves a mark on them. I believe if you follow the three factors listed above, you have a strong chance of making content that you created be successful at reaching a large audience.

Class & Lab Reflection

This week in class and lab, we all got the chance to practice and learn how to do javascript. I really enjoyed the activity we did in class. It was very neat to learn how to make your web page interactive. In my opinion, javascript is a little easier to do than CSS. I’m looking forward to learning more techniques on how to transform your ordinary webpage to something extraordinary.


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