Internet Privacy

There is no question that privacy is a major issue on the internet. You are probably hearing of more and more situations with someone’s email or social media account being hacked. Whether the person who was hacked is someone close to you or celebrities, which you probably hear more often. So, how can you take steps into making sure your social media accounts are hack-proof?

According to the article Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself more Hack-Proof, list a few very important steps to take when trying to make sure you are hack-proof.

The first step being to not reuse passwords. It may seem easy to just have one password for all the sites you use because you can remember the password. Just think what happens if that password somehow gets out? All of your accounts are gone, along with anything you have stored within them that’s private. Someone now has access to it all.

The next step is to set up two-factor authentication. This means that when someone attempts to log into your account from a new location, different devices, they have to enter a code that is sent to the device you set as your trusted advice. I believe this is a very helpful tip to mention.

The last step is to use a password manager. This will help you create and manage passwords.

All the privacy issues may affect my future career. I may be over, or at least help, with managing a website or social media accounts for a company. It will be apart of my job to make sure everything posted is meant for the public eye and none of the accounts I’m over get hacked. Using the three steps mentioned above, will certainly help with making sure anything I may be in charge of is hack-proof.


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