The Best Web Design Training Course

Best Web Design Training Course

In my opinion, I believe W3Schools is the best option when looking for a web design training course. It’s great for anybody who doesn’t know much about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. W3Schools gives easy step-by-step tutorials on how to use and apply all the right tools and techniques in a way that suits your website.

W3Schools has helped me out tremendously, with it’s easy and organized layout, finding exactly what you’re looking for is no problem.

CA260 Online?

I believe if this class were taught entirely online there would be pros but cons too. Personally, I think I would enjoy it more and get more out of it if it were taught online, but I know there would be downfalls as well. I think it would be great to be able to work as fast or as slow as you want. Also, doing your work at home may be easier because you’re able to sit down with less people around you, meaning less distractions, and you can solely concentrate on the assignment.

The downfall I see of it being taught completely online is not having a professor there to answer a question you may have. Whether that question be something as simple as making sure you understand the instructions on an assignment or something more important. Any questions you have you would have to email your instructor and not knowing when you would get a response is stressful especially if a deadline for an assignment is coming up.

Class & Lab Reflection

The past week we are learning how to use CSS, cascading style sheets. I’ve learned how CSS can change the appearance and layout of a document. Like previous HTML activities, it is difficult, but the more I read and the more I practice the easier it is becoming.


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