Designing My Website

“Planning and organizing website content can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of it.” Jordan Dick says this in his article, Organizing Website Content, and he is right!

After many attempts and throwing away several sheets of paper I used to sketch out ideas, I finally settled on a design. Now, the below design isn’t set in stone. I may change things, and I will probably add a couple images to my home page.


After watching the videos and reading the article, I feel more prepared when it comes to designing my website. I have learned several helpful tips when it comes to web design thanks to the videos and article. I would like to share with my viewers five tips I have found to be important and helpful.

Five tips on Website Design

Tip 1: Organization has to be the number one tip that is stressed! I couldn’t agree more because I would much rather visit a website that’s nicely organized compared to one where everything is jumbled, and It’s difficult to navigate around the website.

Tip 2: As mentioned in the video, How to design a killer home page (advanced web design), You don’t need a bunch of flash on your home page. It is unnecessary to have a lot of flash that your potential viewers don’t like or find distracting.

Tip 3: Mentioned in the linked video above, he explains that your homepage should function as a table of contents. It should help with being a preview of what your website will show, its shows your audience exactly what your website is about.

Tip 4: In Jordan Dick’s article, Organizing Website Content, he talks about the amount of pages your website should have. When asked how many pages should your website have he says, “The short answer is, every service you provide needs its own landing page.” That is a great tip because who wants to view a website page with multiple topics that aren’t related to one another?

Tip 5: Also found in the article I mentioned in tip 3, he talks about your target audience. He talks about how understanding exactly who you want your target audience to be is important. It is important because everything on your website will be be for your audience. Also, getting a better understanding on who you want to be your audience will help you decide exactly what all you want on your website.



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