All About Weebly

What features of Weebly make it useful to people learning web design?

Weebly makes it fairly simple to create a website. When editing your website, Weebly provides a toolbar to the left of the screen. This toolbar is divided into five sections: Basic, Structure, Media, Commerce and More.

Basic has helpful tools that will help you write out content, put images onto your website, embed codes and more.

Structure helps with the building of your website. Divider and Spacer are the only things found under this section.

Media helps you add audio and videos onto your website.

Commerce is more helpful if you’re into selling items on your website.

More is the last section you’ll find. More helps with adding things into your website such as, social icons and surveys.

Weebly is organized well, making it extremely helpful for someone who doesn’t know how to make a website. With the helpful tools and features found on Weebly, it makes it easier for people learning web design.

Setting up my Weebly account and discussing the process.

Creating a Weebly account is easy and all it requires is your name, email address and creating a password. Just like that, you have created your account, and it’s time to start making your website!

After I created my account, I picked a theme for my website. Picking a theme was probably the hardest thing for me because there were many to choose from. After I finally settled on a theme, I came up with my Domain name. After that all that was left to do was design my website the way I like it. The process was very easy and didn’t take too long!

What theme did you choose and why? Do you think you will keep this theme or change it later?

I’m currently using the theme Venue-Personal. I chose this theme because it was simple, and I like the way it looks. Like I said above, picking the theme was the hardest thing for me to do. There were just so many other themes I liked! I will most definitely change this theme, but right now it will stay as it its.



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